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Warranty claim

Warranty claim terms and conditions:                

  • Required fields must be completed in order to process the warranty claim.                
  • Claims that have not been registered in advance and confirmed by us by providing an RMA number will not be processed.
  • We reserve the right to act accordingly if the quantities we receive differ from those specified.                                
  • Intertruck is not liable for damage to or loss of the returned item(s).
  • If the warranty claim is rejected, you will be charged the shipping costs for the parts.
  • The returned parts must be packaged in the original packaging or otherwise properly packaged.
  • Intertruck is not liable for damage or missing parts that belong with the returned item if such is the result of inadequate packaging by the sender.           
  • You may be asked to provide additional photos or other information to enable us to properly assess the claim.                
  • If your warranty claim is rejected, you will receive notification of the reason for rejection, possibly accompanied by photos.
  • The decision as to the validity of the warranty claim is binding.                
  • If you wish to have the rejected item returned to you, this will be done at your expense. Items that are still in our possession for longer than 30 days after rejection will automatically be disposed of. You will be charged for any costs associated with this.
  • The complete Intertruck general terms and conditions of sales and delivery can be found on our website: www.intertruck.com.



I agree that the data I have entered above will be stored and will only be used for the processing of this warranty claim.