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Code of Integrity


Intertruck Benelux and its subsidiaries (hereinafter: Intertruck) are committed to perform their worldwide activities in compliance with all applicable laws. Besides our core values quality, service and expertise, we have also set high standards for ethics and integrity. Employees of Intertruck are therefore considered to avoid any behaviour that affects their integrity. To meet these requirements, Intertruck has drawn up an integrity code. This integrity code applies to all employees of Intertruck and hired (temporary) staff, regardless of their role or position in the company.


Our integrity code includes the following topics:

1. Bribery and corruption;

2. Receiving and giving gifts and donations;

3. Invitations for business trips, conferences, events and dinners;

4. Whistle blowing policy. 


Ad. 1 Bribery and corruption

In the integrity code of Intertruck, the following is stated regarding bribery and corruption:

•Employees of Intertruck conduct fair competition for contracts based on the quality and price of our products. When Intertruck does business with other parties, it does not use any form of bribery. Intertruck will also not work together with any other company that tolerates bribery. We will therefore not participate in any arrangements, which are designed to - directly or indirectly - provide something of value to a non-employee of Intertruck (including government officials) for unethical purposes.  

Our integrity code further provides the following specific prohibitions for our employees:

•It is prohibited for an employee of Intertruck to – directly or indirectly - offer, pay, give or promise bribes to customers or other business partners. Employees of Intertruck must not use their position to negotiate, ask, accept, obtain or let promise any personal benefits for them. 

•The employee is prohibited to - directly or indirectly - offer, pay, give or promise a bribe to  government officials. It is also not allowed to approve these kind of offers, payments, gifts or promises.


 Ad. 2 Receiving and giving gifts and donations

Although gifts may be appropriate in many cases, employees of Intertruck may not receive or give these gifts as the prohibition of corruption is exceeded with this. 

Regarding gifts and donations, the following must be taken into account by our employees:

•Gifts may only be accepted if the independent attitude of the employee in relation to the giver is not affected. Acceptance of the gift should not lead to any obligations in the future from Intertruck.

•Monetary amounts should never be accepted and favours for the employee himself should not be asked to third parties.

•Gifts, which are given on behalf of Intertruck to a receiving party must not be provided with the intent to improperly influence the receiver in the performance of his / her official responsibilities on behalf of their company. These gifts are furthermore of reasonable value (no excess) and are proportional to the position of the receiver and the circumstances.

•All accepted attentions will be reported to the HR department and will be listed in a business register. This includes the cost of all gifts for customers and business partners, no matter how insignificant the monetary value thereof is.


Ad. 3 Invitations for business trips, conferences, events and dinners

Invitations for business trips, conferences, events and dinners can also give rise to corruption. The main purpose of any of the above activities must have a business connection. In other words: an affiliated business trip, conference, event or dinner should not be overshadowed by non-business activities. 

The employees of Intertruck must then take the following aspects into consideration:

•An employee assesses whether a received invitation is functional and is in the interest of Intertruck. All invitations are discussed with the manager. Furthermore, all invitations received are reported to the HR department and are included in the business register.

•Invitations for business trips, conferences, events and dinners are never provided or accepted by an employee of Intertruck in return for any favours.

•Travelling at the expense of others is not allowed.


Ad. 4 Whistle blowing policy

No policy can ever provide in any possible situation that may occur. Employees of Intertruck are therefore encouraged to discuss all questions about specific facts and circumstances that may be related with any provisions of this integrity code with their manager. 

Furthermore, employees are strongly encouraged to report any suspicions of misconducts by the company, colleagues or third parties. For this, a whistleblowers policy has been set up. The essence of this policy is to protect employees who report any misconduct. Intertruck ensures these employees that reporting this has in no way a negative impact on his / her performance within the organization.


Further information 

For any clarification of this integrity code, please contact Marisca Klijnsmit (HR):