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Top quality brake discs

Creating a perfect brake disc starts with making a mould of excellent quality. The production of all our brake discs starts with making a sand mould.

After casting and curing of the carefully formulated mixture, the brake discs are heated to high temperatures several times during the production process. This results in a chemical process that partly changes the material of the disc into carbon. The middle of the disc ring is treated with silica powder and the entire part is heated again, which converts the material into silica carbide, which makes the disc ring extremely hard. Finally, the disc is treated with a protective layer so the material does not come into contact with oxygen. This anti-oxidation process extends the life of the disc ring.

The production and control process is almost completely automated and run by computer-controlled machines, which means that only exceptionally high-quality brake discs are produced.


Pillar-ventilated brake disc


The sand mould is suitable for making a solid brake disc. For the casting of our pillar-ventilated brake discs, additional special, small, extra-hard sand moulds are required to fill the space between the turbine vanes. These moulds consist of a mixture of resin and sand and are hard enough to stay in place during casting. After the discs have cooled down, the resin-sand mixture is shaken out of the brake discs.

With a pillar-ventilated brake disc, the brake disc is internally ventilated by the radial channels between the two friction rings. This allows better heat dissipation and reduces the thermal load.


Ensuring quality

To guarantee the quality of the Intertruck brake discs, we use a strict process for selection of our suppliers. Before a brake disc gets the Intertruck brand, it has been tested to ensure it meets the specifications for characteristics such as material, dimensions and functionality.
All our brake discs are RDW ECE R90 approved and are of OEM quality or better.

We regularly visit and audit every factory to ensure consistent quality. Finally, every product is checked on arrival at one of our warehouses before it is released.



Tuesday, March 19, 2019