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REMA plugs and sockets changed

Since Intertruck was established in 1963 our product managers have continuously sought the best way to offer you a suitable range of electrical components. We have sold various plugs, sockets, jacks and contact pins for many years.
When you order a plug or socket from us you expect to have the choice between crimping or soldering attachment, but from now on you no longer have to make that choice. Because the manufacturer now makes the parts in such a way that you don’t have to choose until the time of installation. This means we now offer fewer parts but just as many possibilities, so you always have the right plug and socket at hand.
Superseded item    Replacement item    Item name
05997 05815 Socket 2P. shrink or soldering 50mm2
05998 05816 Socketbox 2P shrink or soldering
05951 05818 Contact cans for 05816
05984 05959 Contact cans for set 05988
05983 05963 Female connectors set for 05987
05972 05987 Socket 2p shrink or soldering 35mm2
05973 05988 Socketbox 2p shrink or soldering 35mmq










Thursday, November 14, 2019