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Please note: new European legislation on cargo securing

The amended EU legislation on the packaging of goods for transport by road, 2014/47/EU, entered into force on 18 May 2018.

Of all truck accidents within the EU, 25% are caused by trailers whose cargo has not been secured in accordance with the regulations. This results in 30 fatalities each year.

With the introduction of the European legislation, the law will be enforced more strictly and you risk a hefty fine if the cargo is not secured in accordance with the minimum requirements for resistance against shifting.

With the introduction of this law there is now joint responsibility for compliance with the regulations:

  • The packer / loader is responsible for repackaging of goods, loading the trailer and securing the cargo.
  • The carrier is responsible for approving the loaded and secured goods and must be in possession of the required cargo securing products and correct transport documents to demonstrate correct loading and securing of the goods.

Also make sure your company is in possession of products for properly securing goods and that your personnel are aware of the correct use of the cargo securing products and the pre-packaging/palletization of goods.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018