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Intertruck responding to the future

Top-quality brake pads

For your safety and that of other road users, it is essential that your brakes function correctly. The brake pad is the most important friction component of the braking system. As well as absorbing all the forces generated between the brake disc and the brake caliper, their primary task is to bring your vehicle to a standstill, in time.

When it is time to replace your brake pads, you should choose a brake pad that delivers optimum braking performance, in all conditions. Choosing Intertruck brake pads means you are choosing the same or equivalent quality as the original component in terms of performance, safety and durability, all at a competitive price.

Intertruck responding to the future

We are constantly monitoring future developments, and adapting the composition of the friction material accordingly. That includes metals and other raw materials that are no longer permitted, and the latest requirements imposed by new legislation governing noise and weight. We constantly adapt our friction material to meet those requirements, while at the same time guaranteeing that the components selected result in a block that delivers a service life and performance that matches or even exceeds that of other brake pads currently available on the market.  

Intertruck brake pad with ‘Green Coating’

Intertruck brake pads have been upgraded, and are now all produced with a new mix of friction materials. The result guarantees excellent braking performance under all conditions. These high-quality brake pads ensure optimum safety and reliability, and are of course manufactured according to OE specifications. The selected materials have undergone extensive testing and offer a proven long service life for the blocks and discs, as compared with other OE competitors. Our brake pads are also finished with what is known as a ‘Green Coating’

  •     The Green Coating helps improve initial braking performance following replacement of the brake pads;
  •     The OE quality friction material guarantees safe braking and extends the service life of both brake pads and discs;
  •     The high-quality adhesive layer guarantees excellent attachment of the friction material to the backing plate;
  •     The mesh welded to the backing plate provides extra security against release of the friction material;
  •     Backing plates with an excellent fit are provided with corrosion-resistant coating;
  •     Matching accessories included in every set.

We hope to have access to a full range of upgraded brake pads from Intertrucks as soon as possible. The following Intertruck brake pads manufactured according to the latest methods are already available in our webshop.

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Intertruck brake pads satisfy the ECE R90 performance standard. This includes tests for speed sensitivity, performance when cold, compressive strength and shearing strength.


Less brake pad wear than our competitors

Less brake disc wear than our competitors


Production process according to ISO, with numerous product checks

The factory where our brake pads are manufactured has more than 80 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing friction materials for OE and aftermarket customers. We offer you a look behind the scenes at our manufacturer.


A brake pad is built up of several different layers. It starts with a steel backing plate, which is punched from a large steel sheet. This plate is deburred, grit-blasted and coated with a metal mesh, at which point an adhesive layer is applied. The adhesive layer is dried at a temperature of 300˚C and then cooled.

The friction material is one of the most important components of any brake pad. However, before this can be put in place, an undercoat must first be applied. The friction material is then weighed to the nearest gram in powder form and pressed onto the undercoat.

The block is then baked, to guarantee maximum adhesion between the glue, the undercoat and the friction material. Baking also ensures the necessary hardening of the friction material, that can then deliver optimum friction, a process that fundamentally improves the initial braking process. Following hardening, the bevelled edges and if required a groove are ground into the friction material, to reduce noise production and to improve initial braking.


Once the blocks are ready, they are passed through a hot oven and flamed, to prevent dust and gas particles escaping during driving. The blocks are then given a final clean and coating. Following visual inspection, the markings are applied to the blocks and final assembly is carried out. Once the blocks have undergone a final full inspection, they are packaged together with the fitting materials and weighted, to make sure that nothing is missing.


A number of blocks are set aside from each batch for additional testing, to guarantee quality.

View here the complete range of brake pads >



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