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  • Top-quality brake pads

    For your safety and that of other road users, it is essential that your brakes function correctly. The brake pad is the most important friction component of the braking system. As well as absorbing all the forces... read more

  • Worn shock absorbers have a major impact on driving comfort and wear on components such as steering parts and tyres. Worn shock absorbers expose the entire vehicle to additional vibration. Because shocks are not sufficiently damped, this affects... read more

  • Creating a perfect brake disc starts with making a mould of excellent quality. The production of all our brake discs starts with making a sand mould.

    After casting and curing of the carefully formulated mixture, the brake discs are... read more

  • At this time of year, when salt is spread on the roads, brake system components need a little more attention. Broken or poorly functioning brake parts can lead to dangerous situations. Excess moisture may enter the air brake system as a result of... read more

  • Is it time to replace parts of the brake system on your vehicle? We supply parts from all the top-name brands and also have a complete range of Intertruck-brand air brake parts in stock.

    These include pressure regulators, air tanks, valves... read more

  • Now that it is winter, the temperatures are increasingly below zero degrees. Batteries are therefore having a hard time. The last thing you want is a vehicle that does not want to start. Because standing still costs you or the company lots of... read more