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  • As a driver of a heavy vehicle, you want an optimal view of your fellow road users. Especially the vulnerable group. In order to maximise the driver's field of vision, a lorry should, in accordance with various regulations, be equipped with rear-... read more

  • Wheel chocks are indispensable for the safety of every professional driver. The use of wheel chocks or stop blocks during loading and unloading is not required by law. However, the rules for loading and unloading may differ from one company to... read more

  • Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we know better than anyone else the problems facing workshops and fleet managers. With the help of our smart solutions, the manager is able to ensure optimal deployment of the fleet. As a... read more

  • View the current availability and your prices. 

    We were recently appointed by GEDORE Technag as official distributor of the entire range of GEDORE tools. GEDORE Technag is part of the German GEDORE group and importer of hand tools for the... read more

  • Since Intertruck was established in 1963 our product managers have continuously sought the best way to offer you a suitable range of electrical components. We have sold various plugs, sockets, jacks and contact pins for many years.   When you order... read more

  • Top-quality brake pads

    For your safety and that of other road users, it is essential that your brakes function correctly. The brake pad is the most important friction component of the braking system. As well as absorbing all the forces... read more